10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Cat & Cat Lover in Your Life

Do you have a cat lover in your life and want to get them an awesome gift for this holiday season, but you have no clue what to get them? What about a feline who you meant to get a special gift for this year, but somehow they fell to the bottom of the list? With only a few days left before Christmas, it may seem like a lost cause to find a stellar gift for the cat or cat lover in your life. There’s still plenty of time, so don’t sell yourself short. With the help of quick delivery options from Amazon, this gift guide is the only list you’ll need to knock it out of the park this season.

Gifts for the Cat Lover

1. Book of Poetry


If the cat lover you know is obsessed with their cat(s), like most of us, they’re sure to find this book of poetry written by cats the perfect starter or new addition to their cat collection of books. Not to mention any cat lover will find these poems written with a cat’s inner desire to be completely accurate.

2. Cat Sweatshirt


This sweatshirt is the perfect fashion piece for the cat lover who isn’t afraid to broadcast their love for cats to the world. It’s subtle and fashionable enough for even the average cat lover to wear confidently. With colder weather fastly approaching, who wouldn’t want to wear a sweatshirt that’s cat-themed?

3. Necklace


Maybe the cat lover in your life wants to be a bit more subtle about their obsession. This cat necklace is the perfect solution for that. With the pendant itself measuring less than one inch in size, this dainty cat necklace is great for someone who metaphorically wants their cats to hang around with them all of the time.

4. Cat Lady Subscription Box


Okay, so this isn’t from Amazon like the rest, but it’s a great last-minute option for the cat lover in your life. You have the option to purchase a gift box or a gift card that can be used immediately. As a bonus, you can choose between the CatLadyBox or the Crazy CatLadyBox that has extra gifts for the cat in their life.

5. Feline Art


If the cat lover in your life is also a lover of art, or even just pictures of cats, this 300+ page book of cultured cats is the perfect gift. With classic paintings, plays, and movies re-designed to feature cats this would be an excellent coffee table piece and conversation starter. This fun book is guaranteed to get some laughs when gifted.

Gifts for the Cat

1. Feliway


This natural calming product is something we at The Cat Hospital of Media talk about every day with practically anyone who walks in the office. Feliway can help reduce day-to-day stress and behavioral stress at home and on the go. We trust this product to use not only in our own hospital, but with our cats at home. This odorless diffuser can help your cat start off on the right, stress-free paw. Remember, even if cats don’t seem stressed or upset they may be internalizing these issues.

2. Puzzle Feeder


Puzzle feeders are excellent additions to your cat’s feeding regime. Not only can they help with minor health issues such as scarf and barf, but they also double as mental enrichment. Your cat will slow down when eating and use their natural hunting abilities to solve the puzzles. Using puzzle feeders will align with your cat’s natural instinct to play and eat, which, in return, cat help them live a happier and healthier lifestyle overall.

3. Doc and Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder


If you want to take the puzzle feeders one step further, these indoor hunting feeders add the extra component of hunting to their natural cycle. The goal of these feeders, which was developed by a former veterinarian, is to eliminate the food bowl altogether by putting your cat’s food in these feeders and placing them around the house. Not only are these a fun way to add a little extra play and environmental enrichment in your cat’s life, they too can help with minor issues such as anxiety, inter-cat aggression, and scarf and barf. It’s also a great way to help our chunkier friends lose a few pounds in the new year; no longer will they be sitting by a food bowl waiting for food.

4. New Cat Toys


Why not introduce some new toys to your cat’s life this season? These adorable birds are great for individual and/or play with you. They’re stuffed with organic catnip, which makes them irresistible to play with. These plush toys are great for hunting, cuddling, and tossing for fetch. I bought these for my cats and they can’t get enough of them! Even my older kitty who doesn’t play much can’t get enough of these birds.

5. Cardboard Box


Not only are these free, but you can also help save the environment by recycling an old box or one that used to house a gift for someone else. Any size and shape will do. Cats have the ability to morph from solid matter to liquid when it comes to boxes. We promise, your cat won’t be able to tell the difference between a new, expensive gift and a recycled and free one. At the end of the day, all they really care about is which cardboard box they can sit in next.

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