Cat Boarding

Comfortable | Climate Controlled

Kitty Condos

Leave your cat in our comfortable, air conditioned boarding facility to be cared for by our trained technicians.

Our boarding condo’s are three tiered for your kitty’s comfort and when available we can offer 2 side by side condo’s that open into one another so that your loved one can spread out in delux condo style.

Reservations are needed, as our boarding facility does fill up.

Boarding Routine

In the morning, our technicians will first check in on all kitties to make sure all pets are bright and alert. Then we tend to each kitty individually: we freshen the kitty condo or playroom, replenish food and water, and allow some walk around time if the kitty is not stressed seeing other cats. Appetite, eliminations, and overall comfort will be noted on their boarding sheet. This same routine will be performed in the evening. Throughout the day, all kitties will be checked in on by multiple staff members who will tend to any additional needs for the duration of their stay. Saturday and Sunday routine can vary as we don’t have normal business hours, however, one of our technicians will check in on all kitties at least twice a day on the weekends.

The Playroom

Our spacious playroom is our luxury suite with bay windows, a cat tower, and comfortable hammock by the window closest to the bird feeder. This suite provides a Nest Cam with 24 hour access to view and talk to your kitty either on your smartphone/tablet or your personal computer.

Upon request we will provide you with a link to view our Nest Cam.

Reservations are needed, as our boarding facility does fill up.


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