Veterinary Assistant / Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional

Hello! Where do I start? Well I have always been caring and compassionate about animals. Ever since I could remember my family has had pets, I am the youngest of five children being the only son. We as a family of loving people always rescued wounded animals be it from emotional or physical damage. I grew up watching my older sisters take care of these animals and my oldest sister Missy even became a Vet Tech one day. It is all because of her that I am even a Vet Tech to this day, she is the one who gave me the opportunity to help animals on a different level.

I first started working in this field when I was 17 years old, I was still in high school so I worked every day I could after school. It was a small little animal hospital, of course I started from the bottom and worked my butt off learning and understanding all aspects of my job. Unfortunately I was not given the chance to grow at my first job. Then in 2011 I was asked by my older sister to join her over at VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia, that is where I really honed my skills and became the technician I am today. Then the time came when Dr. Kirnos was leaving us at VCA to move to Media. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to follow Dr. Kirnos to The Cat Hospital of Media on April 1st, 2014, where we continued to work together along with our new friends at the hospital. I have been working here ever since, and I love it!