Gabapentin for Vet Visits

Bringing your cat to the veterinarian can often cause stress and fear for both you and your cat. This can result in a cat that hisses, growls, or tries to bite and scratch. But sometimes, the cat may just become frozen and quiet, while inwardly being upset. One of the ways that we try to minimize this stress is by having our clients give their cats a medication called Gabapentin prior to their appointment.

Gabapentin is an oral prescription medication that is used in both human and veterinary medicine. For our patients, it is used at lower doses for neuropathic pain and at higher doses for mild sedation. It is given by the client at home 2-3 hours before the appointment. This allows for greater ease of getting the cat into its carrier and reduces anxiety during travel and their appointment. The sedation it causes is usually mild and wears off after 8 hours. And since Gabapentin is not associated with any expected adverse effects to the digestive system, kidney, or liver, it is safe to give even to older or sick patients.

If you think your cat would benefit from receiving Gabapentin prior to its visit with us, please let us know. We are happy to do anything we can to make the process of coming to see us more pleasant and calm for you and your kitty!

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