IV Fluids and Supportive Care– Our doctors and trained technicians will closely monitor and treat your cat’s illness when they are too sick to be cared for at home

Blood Glucose Curves– We offer blood glucose curves for monitoring our diabetic patients

Oxygen cage– We have an oxygen cage used for kitties with breathing difficulties

Isolation room– Our isolation room is used for sick cats that have an infectious or contagious disease. We follow strict operating procedures to ensure the transmission of contagious diseases is avoided.

We are not staffed 24 hours a day, so critically ill patients will be transferred to a specialty hospital nearby for overnight monitoring when needed


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Summer Hours

The team at the Cat Hospital of Media have been working really hard through COVID to provide all of our patients the best care possible. In order to give everyone a much needed break, we are starting Summer Holiday Hours June 1st through Labor Day. We will not see appointments on Saturdays. We will be open 8AM-11AM for Boarding drop offs and pick-ups plus medication pick-ups.

We are so happy we can do this for the employees and give them a well-deserved break! In case of emergency, please call the nearest ER. View those locations here.